Your Comments?

What?  I just discovered people were making comments!!  I thought they were little private notes to me...but no, they were meant to be posted.  I'm so sorry.  I'm a lunkhead.  I think they are posted now.  Thank you for taking the time to write.  Now we will all be famous to the fifteen people who read this blog...isn't that right?  That's the new Andy Warhol-ism everybody gets to be famous to fifteen people, for as long as they want? 

I'm off for a work trip to Angoon tomorrow and I will try and write a not work-related report if I can: weather, flying, general descriptions, maybe even some photos.  Angoon is pretty amazing on a lot of levels. The Salvation Army runs the Bed and Breakfast where I's the only game in town. They are damn nice folks and they make a hell of a good cookie. I'll keep you posted.