baby's first felony, john's tenth novel and the newest in his award-winning cecil younger series


“Straley knows how to wrap deadly violence in a bubble of black humor that suits the novel's beautiful but harsh setting, where whales open their maws to dine on oceans of salmon fry and men kill one another while ravens fly overhead, screaming with laughter.” - New York Times             

All remaining haiku books will be shipped to stores where they have been sold beginning January 15 2019, and once the last of them have been sold they will no longer be available!

The books will NOT be pulped as was rumored. There are very few of Winter and Fall left. Having almost sold through their first printing.

Contact Shorefast Editions or Old Harbor Books in Sitka to find out where you can find copies. Old Harbor: (907) 747-8808


"the perfect balance of humor and pathos" - New York Times Book Review

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